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Visa applications & more complex matters

Our aim is to make applying for a UK Visa or Citizenship achievable and relatively un-stressful

Our aim is to help make applying for a Visa, Citizenship or a related matters as smooth as possible. We have a personalised approach where you will get to know your adviser, who will stand by you and support you throughout the entire process.

Initial assessment and briefing

The process starts with one of our experts meeting with you and discussing the process and your personal situation. From this we help you to understand your eligibility and to plan your application.

There are various ways to apply for Visas and Citizenship applications and the process can be bureaucratic and daunting.

Completing the form and collecting the documents

The first step is usually to complete a form, collect the supporting documents and write a supporting letter. The key point here is to provide a convincing application that ticks all of the boxes. If everything is done write, first time, the application process usually proceeds quite smoothly and reasonably quickly.


Visas and some other applications require an appointment where you will need to provide biometrics (e.g. photos, fingerprints and signatures), your passport and your documents. We help you prepare yourself and your documents for the appointment and accompany you.


Depending on the application, decisions normally take around two months. Though there are often fast track processes. By the time you get your decision we usually know you quite well – which means a celebratory drink is usually in order!


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